Pentecost is always a glorious time to begin life anew, and this Pentecost Sunday is extremely special in that it is also the 3rd anniversary of my return to Catholicism!

In honor of this great occasion, I have decided to launch this new blog!  I’ve been blogging for a while, via an online journal.  It has been great, but lately it has turned into an odd combination of public blog and private journal.  So basically, I’ve decided to separate the two!  This will be the “public blog” space.

I had hoped to make this launch a much grander affair, but alas, life has been crazy, and I was sick yesterday.  If you wish to know what sorts of things you might see here in the future, take a look at the “About This Blog” page!

Also, I am always open to suggestions about what I should write about, so don’t hesitate if you’d like to recommend something!

Thank you for coming, please stay tuned, and in the mean time, have a glorious and blessed Pentecost!