Today, we celebrate the Holy Trinity–Father, Son, and Holy Spirit–our God. 

The doctrine of the Holy Trinity is the most splendid, sophisticated, and mystifying religious teaching ever.  It defies paganism by holding that the three Divine Persons are one and the same God, as opposed to three separate gods.  It goes beyond simple monotheism by holding that the one God is three unique Divine Persons.  Understandably, it is a rather troubling and seemingly problematic teaching!  And yet, to Christian eyes at least, it is implicitly present even in the Old Testament.  Coincidence?

I cannot explain the Holy Trinity, but I know it to be true.  I meditate upon it often, and every now and then I’ll experience a “flash” of enlightenment in which I suddenly understand it!  It usually lasts about 2 seconds, if even that, but it is enough for my feeble mind!

Generally, though, my thinking is more like:  Why wouldn’t God exist as three Persons?  Why not?  Who are we human beings to say that He couldn’t or wouldn’t exist in this profoundly mysterious way?  Some monotheists have been critical of this idea, but who are they to put limitations on our God?  Christians are willing to accept such a mystery and to devote considerable time and energy to pondering it, struggling with it, and celebrating it.  That shows a special kind of reverence toward God, toward His infinity, His power, His transcendence, His mystery.  God is supposed to be a mystery.  After all, aren’t we even a mystery to ourselves?  Nothing says “mystery” quite like the doctrine of the Holy Trinity!

May we all come to a greater understanding of the mystery!

( The image is a 15th century icon by Andrei Rublev. )