I thought it would never happen, but I have actually been getting acclimated to word-less prayer!  I have always considered it very alien territory, but earlier today, I realized that it’s not all that alien at all.  God has often spoken to me without words… and I don’t tend to have any difficulty understanding Him!  In fact, He usually comes through loud and clear!  And I can “translate” His communications into words.

I think my challenge, and my task, is to learn to communicate to Him in His own “language.”  And to not be so paralyzed by my dependence upon words.  To not be anxious that I’m not expressing myself well or accurately–that’s really quite ridiculous, isn’t it?  He knows what we want to say to Him before we can even formulate it in our minds!  I need to learn to just open myself up and let everything flow naturally, without trying to always build dams and canals… without always trying to contol things. 

I am slowly making progress… I can feel His positive and encouraging response:  Of course you are making progress–I knew you would!  And truth be told, I am enjoying exploring this new area.  It demands humility and vulnerability.  I am finding even that to be enjoyable.  I find myself feeling like a child!  Caring for nothing except pleasing Father!  It feels strange, but also wonderful, and definitely right!  We are His children, after all.  And being what we were created to be brings a special peace and a special fulfilment.