Interview with a WWI Chaplain – Fr. William R. Bonniwell, O.P. (1886-1984) talks about his experience as a chaplain in WWI in this 1982 video.  Interviews like this are a rare treat and a rare treasure.  Hearing about WWI from someone who was there is always a powerful experience.  Hearing from a chaplain is especially interesting; not surprisingly, war has a great effect on peoples’ religious lives.  (Found at:  Dominican Friars of St. Joseph Province blog.)

Catholic contributions to science – Episode 3 of EWTN’s The Catholic Church: Builder of Civilization, in which Dr. Thomas E. Woods provides a brief survey of some great but little-known Catholic scientists, many of whom were priests.  Fascinating and impressive!

Catholics Come Home has produced some wonderful TV ads for evangelization (scroll to the bottom of the page), among other great resources for former Catholics, non-Catholics, and practicing Catholics.  I always enjoy watching the videos!  They really do our Church proud.  This is an excellent apostolate that deserves all our support.