One of the things I love about my job is that I often get to see, and catalog, some really fascinating things.  Naturally, I get especially excited when I come across something Catholic-related.  A while back, there was this gem: 

Year Book

of the St. James Catholic Church of Gonzales, Texas,

and the Missions of Ottine and Monthalia

Rev. Dr. A. A. Huebsch, Rector


It was a very small book, but it had some really interesting things in it!  As luck would have it, I came across some parts of it that I had retyped.  I’m telling you this, of course, because I plan to share it with you!  :D

There’s a lot, so I will break it up into manageable portions.

Stay tuned!

OH, and should you ever wish to see the original, you can find it at Southern Methodist University’s DeGolyer Library!