Here is one last bit from the aforementioned book.  Again, it is something that remains quite relevant almost 100 years later.

Is it honest

To say that the Catholic Church prohibits the use of the Bible?–

To say that Catholics believe that man, by his own power, can forgive sin?–

To repeat over and over again that Catholics pay the priest to pardon their sins?–

To persist in saying that Catholics believe their sins are forgiven merely by the confession of them to the priest, without a true sorrow for them, or a true purpose to quit them?–

To assert that the Catholic Church grants any permission or indulgence to commit sin?–

To accuse Catholics of putting the Blessed Virgin or the Saints in the place of God or the Lord Jesus Christ?–

To accuse Catholics of paying divine worship to images or pictures, as the heathen do?–

To accuse [that Catholics] believe the Pope cannot commit any sin, fault or error at all?–

To make these and many other similar charges against Catholics, when they detest and abhor such false doctrines more than those do who make them, too, without ever having read a Catholic book, or taken any honest means of ascertaining the doctrines which the Catholic Church really teaches?

Remember the commandment of God, which says:  “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

Reader, would you be honest, and do no injustice?  Then examine the doctrines of the Catholic Church, read the works of Catholics.  See both sides.  Examine, and be fair, for


Yes.  Yes, we do.

Alas… what has become of honesty in our culture… or even within our Church?  It’s heartbreaking, but experience has shown me time and time again that just because some people identify themselves as Catholic, it’s no guarantee that they and I actually believe the same things.  My thought, naturally, is that if they don’t believe what the Church teaches, then why on earth do they identify themselves as Catholics?  Why do they want to impose on me and my faith, as if we’re all the same? 

Now, I’m not talking about people who aren’t sure what the Church teaches or people who struggle with what the Church teaches.  I’m talking about people who either do know, or declare that they know, what the Church teaches–and then just disregard it, tear it down, and/or distort it beyond recognition.  I’m talking about willful dissenters and heretics.  Some of whom have the gall to claim some kind of authority and use it to teach their lies to others under the guise of true Catholicism. 

May God have mercy on us all and help His faithful ones preserve and promote Truth!  And bring back fair play!