I came home after work, tired and preoccupied by various things.  I didn’t really feel up for praying.  Many times in the past, that has been that.  But this evening, I just sat down with my Liturgy of the Hours book.  I took some deep breaths and looked at the Crucifix hanging on the wall.  I thought to myself, “He has given me this day and seen me through it… now, it is time for me to give myself to Him.”  So I prayed Evening Prayer.

I then decided to pray the Rosary.  Again, part of me was reluctant.  I just wanted to eat and unwind.  But I took my rosary in hand and began to pray.  From the beginning, I found myself terribly distracted by things that had happened during the day, or things I need to get done.

Usually, I really struggle with distractions.  But this evening, I tried to incorporate them in my prayers.  In the Mystery of the Ascension of the Lord, instead of worrying about all the things nagging at my heart and mind, I raised them up to Him, put them in His hands.  I prayed, “Lord, please take my thoughts and feelings and worries with you to Heaven and make them better.” In the Mystery of the Descent of the Holy Spirit, I called Him down upon all the everyday situations in my life, to shed new light and new life upon them and upon all the places and people I live with.

I can’t tell you what a profound peace I felt!  As if a huge weight had been lifted from me!  I feel like I have been released.  I have felt the grace of prayer fill up all my weaknesses and failings and transform difficulties into blessings.