I am a little over half-way through Brideshead Revisited.  What a masterpiece!  What a shame I didn’t discover it sooner.  But I think I have discovered it at just the right time.  Up until not very long ago, I don’t think I could have appreciated it as I do now.  And even now, I probably am not appreciating it fully!  I think it’s a book I shall have to re-read regularly.

I have been so good for the last month or so when it comes to not spending money on books.  I’ve been checking things out from the library and/or reading things I actually already own! 

My fortitude and self-mastery have lately been rewarded, thanks to the excellent folk of First Things and to Seminarian Matthew of A Catholic LifeFirst Things sent me a copy of The Courage to be Catholic by George Weigel as a free gift with my new subscription.  I’ve been wanting to subscribe forever–but throw in a free book, and I’m done for!  <– Remember this should you ever have occasion to ask me for anything, LOL!  That’s a book I’ve really been wanting to read, so you know I’m completely over the moon about it!  :D  And now, Seminarian Matthew is going to send me a copy of the book to which he’s given a glowing review, Greater Than You Think by Father Thomas D. Williams. 

Now, if I can get my own books done.  :/  But I feel there shall be help for that as well!  This weekend we begin celebrating the Year of St. Paul!  I love St. Paul to begin with, but among the many things he is, St. Paul also happens to be a Patron Saint of Writers!  So, I think this coming year  may be a very auspicious time for writing!  And more reading… St. Paul’s letters are some of my all-time favorite reading material. 

For me, the main trick is choosing one writing project… and sticking to it.  With writing, as with most things, my brain just tends to go in a hundred different directions!  What to do?  What to do?