Painting of Christ Crucified“Fly a thousand miles from saying, ‘I was in the right: it was not right for me to suffer this, they had no right to do such a thing to me.’ Do you think there was any question of rights when Jesus suffered the injuries which were so unrighteously inflicted on Him?”
~~ St. Teresa of Avila

Whenever I am feeling discontent or mistreated or petulant… or even when I am in true pain… just looking at a Crucifix does a lot to set things straight.  That’s why I have 2 (so far) in my home, and one reason I carry my rosary wherever I go!

It’s also why any secularist society–where you pretty much never see a Crucifix unless there’s some cheap shock value attached to it–is bound to be incredibly infantile, populated with individuals who really think that the world revolves around them and are hell-bent on making everybody else miserable if it doesn’t.  That society is ours more and more, I’m afraid.  Consider the astonishing litigiousness of our society and the dubious and arbitrary expansion of the concept of human rights to protect all kinds of behaviors and lifestyle choices (an expansion that is probably nowhere near finished).  Even Christianity in some quarters has been rendered effectively secularist, eschewing the Cross and Crucifix in favor of material prosperity and its skin-deep, second-by-second pleasures.

This is what life is like without the Crucifix–without that sign that binds together God and man, life and death, agony and triumph, sacrifice and joy–that sign that puts everything into proper perspective.