Human Rights Case Dropped Against Catholic Insight

The magazine’s founder and editor, Father Alphonse de Valk, writes (excerpts with my emphases):

Is this the end of the persecution of C.I.?

It might be. It might not be. Judicial review of the Commission’s decision is still possible. The complainant has 30 days to bring an application in the Federal Court to review the Commission’s decision.

Although none of these attacks against us have been successful, as Ezra Levant has so correctly noted, “the process is the punishment” and our magazine of modest budget has already been burdened to date by legal fees in excess of $20,000. All of the complainants’ expenses, of course, have been covered by public funds, whether those complaints are justified or not.

We are grateful, and heartened, by the support of our subscribers and others from within and outside Canada to this point in time. This has gone a long way toward easing our financial pressures. Even at this stage, however, we would still like to remind you of our appeal to contribute to our Legal Defence Fund, which has been set up to defray the expenses of defending ourselves against these attacks. For making a contribution, simply go to our webpage:

Where do we stand now? It is clear that the Human Rights Act, related provincial legislation, and the Commissions themselves must be reformed if there is to be a reasonable prospect of peaceful debate on controversial issues, and in particular, issues related to sexual morality.The struggle, therefore, is still in its beginning stages.

The outrages committed against Chris Kempling in B.C., Stephen Boissoin in Alberta, Christian Horizons service organization in Ontario, and many others, must be undone. The demands of people like Rob Wells that everyone must affirm homosexual activity and bow to their demands is intolerable. The promotion of homosexual behaviour through enforced curricula changes in many provinces needs to be reversed. So let us pursue this struggle with vigour.

Talk about a litigious society! There is no personal cost whatsoever to those who file complaints against anybody who offends their infantile sensibilities… no matter how unjust those complaints may be.  And even if the defendant is found innocent, they are still punished severely, forced to pay a very high price for the defense of their own rights.  Dear God, please don’t let the United States get this far gone!

I am really surprised, however, that this case was dismissed… others (such as those Father de Valk mentions in the above excerpted paragraph) have not been so fortunate.  I do hope that their cases will be reversed, and that all prospective plaintiffs will think twice about attacking the religious freedoms of Christians.

All of our Christian neighbors up north need our continued prayers and any other kind of support we can offer.  May God protect them and give them relief.