I saw a couple of nice, heartwarming articles on today’s Zenit news feed.

TV Ads Bringing Catholics Home : 6,000 Respond to Phoenix Campaign (excerpt with my emphases):

Tom Peterson, founder of Catholicscomehome.org, has found television and the Internet to be just the place to reach out to those wishing to come back to the Church.

Earlier this year Peterson tested his methods and ideas using an advertising campaign geared toward the 3.5 million who live in the Diocese of Phoenix.

More than 6,000 people inquired and came back to the Church via the Catholicscomehome.org Web site, and many more came back to Catholicism by reporting directly to a parish near their home. One priest reported that 16 people came to him for confession after they saw the television ad.

That is tremendous!  The Spirit is moving, my friends!  Similar advertising campaigns are planned for other parts of the U.S., and, for a near-future goal, Mr. Peterson wants to air ads during the 2010 Super Bowl.  How cool would that be?!  In the meantime, you can view the ads at Catholicscomehome.org

To Radical Feminism and Back : Interview With Author and Ex-feminist Lorraine Murray:

Q: If you could boil your testimony down to one message for your readers, what would it be?

Murray: God’s abundant mercy is there for every sinner, no matter how far afield he or she has strayed. I was someone who promoted atheism in the classroom, lived according to the precepts of “free love,” and turned my back on traditional notions of motherhood and family. Still, God gently called me home, and through the sacrament of penance, restored grace to my soul.

God’s mercy and grace is what it’s all about.  Dr. Murray has written a book about her journey from and back to Catholicism:  Confessions of an Ex-Feminist

I am so proud of my fellow reverts!  :D