I often skim rather mildly over Catholic League reports, but this one literally sickened me; it made my guts wrench:  Minnesota Prof Pledges to Desecrate Eucharist.  (WARNING: the quotation from the professor contains strong profanity and cursing)

That is a link to the Catholic League’s post; you can track down the professor’s blog post if you really want to.  I went and immediately regretted doing so, because all I found was ignorance and invective.

Now, I realize that this guy may simply be employing some juvenile, arrogant, shock-jock rhetoric to make a point about how stupid he thinks Catholics are to believe that some little “cracker” is actually the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of our Lord.  I get that.  But I do not get why a professor, of all people, would resort to such shameful and degenerate behavior!

One question that’s been bothering me is: does this man have no friends, family, colleagues, or students who are Catholic?  If he can’t respect God or Catholicism themselves, couldn’t he show some measure of decency toward the men, women, and children who hold them dear?  Doesn’t he realize what it does to Catholics to even think about somebody desecrating our Lord?  It’s not only disturbing, it’s distressing, and, as I mentioned, thoroughly sickening.  Why do that to people?  Is it really so important to make a point?  And he has the gall to speak about being humane!

I have few good things to say about about atheism (for example), but I have people I dearly love in my life who are atheists, and I would never willingly harm them in any way–what good would that do them, or me?  For their sake, I would never assault their beliefs in such a vile, wanton manner.  There are dignified, reasonable, and charitable ways to criticize ways of thinking; one needn’t be hateful or foul-mouthed.  (I know I sometimes lapse into being sarcastic, overly-critical, prideful, quarrelsome, etc., but I recognize that as a fault of mine; I don’t pride myself on it.  At least, not for long; my conscience just won’t stand for it.)

This professor is an embarrassment to academics and to scientists–not that he’s the only one mind you; O Lord, how I grieve for the state of education and intellect in our ever more secularist world!  Thank God I have met some fine Catholic and Christian biologists; otherwise I might start to think that all biologists are rabid lunatics.  How can people whose life work is all about life itself be so steeped in darkness and death? 

May the Lord have mercy on him… and on the whole world.