After last night’s post about creation and redemption, I was pleased to find that today’s Morning Prayer includes the canticle of the men in the furnace from Daniel 3:56-88, and Psalm 148.  These scriptures speak of all Earth’s creatures sharing in the blessing and praising of God, together with mankind and the angels.  I found the Psalm-prayer especially lovely:

Lord, extolled in the heights by angelic powers, You are also praised by all Earth’s creatures, each in its own way.  With all the splendor of heavenly worship, You still delight in such tokens of love as Earth can offer.  May Heaven and Earth together acclaim You as King; may the praise that is sung in Heaven resound in the heart of every creature on Earth.

Along with yesterday’s selection from St. Paul’s letter to the Romans, these scriptures beautifully express wonder at creation, and suggest that there is much more to the created world than we perhaps realize.  Other creatures may not be able to pray and worship in the same way as humans do, and I consider anthropomorphosis to be an insult to the nature of other creatures, but perhaps, in some mysterious way that science cannot discern, they know and respond to God too.

If nothing else, other creatures, animate and inanimate, certainly help us to know God and His infinite beauty and creative genius–that can be considered a part they play in the great unfolding of prayer and worship.

I have to say though… whenever I recite the Liturgy of the Hours or the Rosary (I say them out loud), I get the feeling that my cats are listening and that they somehow know, and are in tune with, what I am doing.  :)