This is another slightly revised re-post, originally written 4 April 2008.  First, read this post to get the full story.

[Referring to the photograph in this post]:  Isn’t it lovely? As you can tell from the sunlight, it was a gloriously beautiful day. Very windy. The tulip swayed as my hair blew around my face. It was very different from the other day, which was so still and grey. I think that both the tulip and I felt much better… even though we’d both seen better days. I talked to the tulip again. I said, “I love you and care about you. And if I do, then you can be sure that God does. And if He loves and cares for you, then I’m sure He loves and cares for me too.” And the tulip swayed such that it seemed to be nodding its head in agreement. That really cheered me up!

I then noticed other things. Near the base of the tulip, I saw a little “roly-poly” millipede wandering around, seemingly happy. The other day, I had also seen a millipede wandering over the stone ledge of the bed and into the soil. I wondered if this was the same one, who had now found a nice, comfy new home. That thought made me happy too. I hoped I would be so fortunate one day… my apartment isn’t bad, and I don’t mean to complain, but it was never meant to be a long-term home for me… and I still am not completely at home there. My heart still longs for a real home–as opposed to merely a roof over my head.

I looked down at my feet, at the large glistening stone squares that pave the plaza. I noticed that in some spots, tiny little plants were growing between the pavers. They were all poor-looking little things. But they were doing their best to just grow where they’d been planted. I hoped that I could do the same–to just persevere. I suppose that many of them were just weeds… but who am I to judge? God holds them in existence just as He does the tulip and the millipede and me.

I looked back at the tulip, and I realized that in talking to and thinking about all these little creatures around me… I had really been praying all along: “Lord, I know that you love me and care for me. Lord, please help me find a true home, my true place. Lord, please help me to persevere, no matter where and no matter what the circumstances.”

I’ve read that at the end of time, when the new Heaven and the new Earth come, and all the people who ever lived are resurrected with our souls and bodies reunited forever, that nature and all creation will also be resurrected. I really like that idea (and shall have to study it further). I think that nature and all God’s creatures deserve to come back and live in a perfect world. They deserve to be saved too… because even now, in ways great and small, they help save us. At least, God is able to use them as His instruments. And they never reject Him… they never ask what is in it for them… they just humbly exist, and allow Him to do as He pleases. That is a big lesson for us as well.