I admit I haven’t been following World Youth Day too closely.  But this headline definitely caught my eye and made me glad:

Confession, Confession Everywhere : Cardinal Says Youth Day Is Reviving the Sacrament You know how I love Confession, and it sounds like the youth of the world do too (with my emphases):

You see them under the trees of the Domain, around the waters of Darling Harbor and in the alcoves of every city church.

Notre Dame University has set up six key confessional zones, which Alton Pelowski of Michigan reports are never without penitents.

“It’s astounding to see the reverence and determination of each young Catholic pilgrim searching for meaning,” she told ZENIT.

Probably the most actively attended site for the sacrament is the Adoration and Reconciliation Center at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Center, which reports steady lines of penitents rolling up directly after attending their morning catechesis.

The cardinal said that when young people have the chance to receive the sacrament of reconciliation, they normally go.

“We’ve seen ourselves at the cathedral school and in our World Youth Day groups that nearly all of them do, and the non-Catholics want to come too,” he added. “Though they can’t receive absolution, they can come for a chat and to bare their soul.”

I think the youth of the world are sick and tired of the secular world’s sham offerings of fleeting pleasures that make a mockery of genuine human happiness.  As I always say, meaning makes humans happy.  Few things give as much meaning to life as the Sacrament of Confession.  It is such a wonderful way of relating to God through the Church.  I know from my own experience that even non-Catholics sense that, and I think it’s good that they are being allowed to explore it during WYD.

And speaking of non-Catholics:  Muslims Welcome Pontiff to Sydney : Community Hosting 350 Youth Day Pilgrims:

Patel also mentioned that he is “particularly proud” that the Catholic Church accepted the offer of the Malek Fahd Islamic School in Sydney to host 350 pilgrims during the festivities.

Some Muslim school students will take part in serving the pilgrims, and the school will hold an interfaith event during the week.

That’s just wonderful, and very generous too!

Truly, God speaks to the hearts of all mankind… and many listen to Him.