I just saw a “Good Morning America” commercial–tomorrow, they are featuring the “pregnant man” who has recently given birth to a baby girl.  If, by chance, you haven’t heard about this, I almost hate to break it to you, it’s so tragic; but you can get the story on this page about an upcoming documentary. 

Now, lest we suppose that this is just the media being its sensationalistic self… according to that article,  “Beatie is recognized under Oregon state law as a man.”

What gets me is not even so much the story–I feel nothing but sorrow for everyone involved in it–but the fact that the media, the state government, et al. simply play into the lie and confirm these people in their confusion and disconnection from reality, while every sane person in the world is thinking, “Um… there’s no such thing as a ‘pregnant man.'” 

The above-linked article describes the person in question as: “Thomas Beatie, who … lives as a man and gave birth last month in Oregon” (my emphases).  I’m sorry, but there can be no “and” there.  There just can’t.  You can’t be a man or even “live as” a man and also give birth.  If you’re going to live as a man, you at least have to do things that men do.  Giving birth is not one of them.  There have been women throughout history who, for whatever reason, have lived as men.  While doing so, they’ve occupied themselves with things like fighting wars.  That’s something men do.  Giving birth–no, only women do that.

Furthermore, Beatie “kept his female reproductive organs” and “conceived … using donor sperm and [his] own eggs.”  More absurd, meaningless phrases that cannot logically be true.  A man doesn’t keep his female reproductive organs; a man doesn’t have female reproductive organs to keep.  Much less does a man have his own eggs.

Am I wrong to think that these are very basic, fundamental realities?  And that most people are fully in tune with these realities?  Then why would anybody, government or media or what not, persistently try to tell us anything different?  If somebody really believes that Thomas Beatie is both a man and a mother at the same time, they are not seeing reality as it is.  That’s all there is to it.

Thomas Beatie is a woman who believes that some surgery and hormones have turned her into a man.  She was a pregnant woman–not a pregnant man, and now she is a mother–not a father.  Everyone needs to tell it like it is.  Everyone needs to tell the truth.  Everyone who is capable of sanity needs to live sanely.  That includes the media, and it definitely includes governments.

Gah.  I really don’t want to live in a barbaric dark age where insanity is treated as normality and lies are treated as truth.  For most of my life, I never would have thought that that could be too much to ask.  Now I’m pretty sure that the dark age is already upon us.  The barbarians are within the gates… if there are even any gates left.

Meanwhile, I pray for the Beatie family… especially the little daughter.