I think I have to write something about St. Dominic now.  I was looking for books to catalog, and happened across this beautiful little Spanish book:

La Villa de Guzmán : historia y patrimonio by María José Zaparaín Yáñez.

Of course, it mentioned St. Dominic, who is commonly known as Dominic de Guzmán; with my limited grasp of Spanish, I was able to make out that his father’s family came from that town. 

The book had lots of very beautiful photographs of the town and the surrounding countryside.  It looks like a beautiful, peaceful place.  There were photos of the town church, which is gorgeous, and it has a Guzmán family chapel, of which the centerpiece is a lovely statue of St. Dominic. 

I want to go to Spain now!

Anyway, I feel like I’ve received a writing assignment from Heaven.  I’m still not sure what I want to do with it.  But I probably won’t find any rest until I start something.  That’s generally how heavenly inspirations work.