I posted a while back about Human Life International’s Humanae Vitae Initiative that called for a “generation of assent” to that much dissented-against Church document.  At the time, they were featuring a pledge of assent for clergy to sign and dedicate themselves to.

Now, there is also a pledge for the laity! The pledge states:

As an act of public reparation for the damage inflicted and scandal given by those who publicly defied the Church when it issued Humanae Vitae in 1968, I PLEDGE my complete loyalty to the Church’s teaching authority, especially in the area of morals. Further, I PLEDGE total obedience to the positions Pope Paul VI put forward in Humanae Vitae, which is the Church’s loving invitation to all mankind – but especially married couples – to embrace God’s precious gift of life.

Signing this pledge may seem like a very small, perhaps insignificant, gesture… but we should know by know that God can take small, insignificant things and make great, powerful things of them!  Who knows how much good and how much grace could come from this?!  And the more people who band together, the better!

So please, if it is in your conscience to do so, please go sign the pledge online or print and mail a copy.  And spread the word!

And remember–this Friday, 25 July, is the 40th anniversary of Humanae Vitae.  For better or for worse, a very important day in Church history.  You can find many excellent resources on the main Humanae Vitae Priests site.  (HT: Father V. of Adam’s Ale)

Let’s get behind this, brothers and sisters!  The dissenters have had their 40 years.  It’s our turn now!