Remember the professor who vowed to desecrate the Eucharist? 

He has apparently done so.

I’m sickened and dismayed. 

As a little token gesture, he also ripped pages out of a Koran and a Richard Dawkins book.  As if those three things are equal.  If he’d really wanted to show equal disdain toward Islam, he could have done much worse, but he’s probably too scared of what some Muslims might do to him in return.  And I’m pretty sure Dawkins doesn’t give a flying fig about what someone did to his book, as long as they paid for the thing. 

If I weren’t so disgusted, I’d throw back my head and laugh at such a buffoon trying to pass himself off as an even-handed, equal opportunity religion-hater.  But as it is, Myers’ actions suggest he is just a Catholic-hating coward, whose antics are allowing other Catholic-hating cowards to get their kicks vicariously (though I’m sure there will be lots of copy-catters).  There is nothing funny about that. 

May the Lord forgive him.  That’s really all I have to say.  All I can do is offer prayer and other reparations for the man and hope that now that he’s done his nasty deed, he’ll let our Lord alone.  And I hope that this horrid incident will make all Catholics realize just how much the Eucharist means to them.  That to them it is indeed something much more than just a “cracker” as Myers alleges.  If that happens, then Myers may find that the joke is on him.  What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?  O Lord, please bring good out of this evil!