It’s getting pretty close to it, according to this American TFP report about a “gay rights” law that will punish anybody who shows disapproval or criticism of homosexual behavior, including public acts of obscenity.  From what I have heard, it sounds like under this law, gay rights will supercede all other rights and freedoms of Brazilian citizens, including religious freedoms.  If this law is passed, there could be lots of Catholics spending several years in prison just for expressing and practicing their faith.

This gay agenda is not about gay people being treated with equality and dignity.  This is about gay people being placed above all others, becoming “more equal” than everybody else.  So I don’t think the term “gay dictatorship” is actually much of an exaggeration, although I’m sure that many of the people involved are not necessarily gay themselves… and I certainly don’t lump all homosexually-inclined people in with gay people.  The fact remains, regardless of who is involved, gay people are being elevated in a very arbitrary and menacing way; elevating any group of people in such a way can only amount to tyranny in a society.

For the record, lest I be considered any kind of bigot, I have actively gay friends whom I love, respect, care for, and pray for.  I don’t know all the details of their personal lives, but I think it’s understood by all that they engage in some behaviors that I, as a practicing Catholic, cannot approve of.  But I don’t hate them for being gay, and they don’t hate me for being Catholic.  I would never want to see them punished as criminals for being gay, and they would not want to see me punished as a criminal for being Catholic–the days of either of those being acceptable should remain in the past.

Alas, our “modern,” “civilized,” and “progressive” world never fails to astonish me in its alacrity and proficiency for digging up rotten old things and usually having the absolute gall to claim that they have discovered something really new and spectacular.

I really don’t know why I should be astonished, of course.  I imagine that in most times and places, the world has been far more likely to be anti-Catholic than not.  It’s that whole thing Jesus said about the servants not being greater than their Master. I shouldn’t be surprised, nor should I complain or worry.  I am blessed to know that suffering unites me with my beloved Lord.  I think Catholics have a special understanding and knowledge where suffering is concerned… a special relationship  with Christ Crucified that even other Christians often lack.  It’s not that Catholics are especially morbid or masochistic or anything… it’s just that our love for life does not deter us from death (to borrow a phrase from Rev. 12:11).  You might say we love life so much that we’re willing to put ourselves on the line for the sake of life–the life of the whole world.  Just like the Lord Jesus did.Statue of Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro

Nevertheless… that the largest predominantly Catholic nation in the world should come to this horrible place is so unjust and unexpected that I can’t feel anything but sorrow and disbelief. I pray that this tyrannical law may still be overturned!  And I pray for our brothers and sisters in Brazil!  May the Lord bless them and be with them and sustain them no matter what happens.  May those seeking to uphold this evil agenda turn back to their true Lord, repent, and flee into His open arms.  And may the rest of the world pay very close attention.