Yet another fake ordination of a “womanpriest.”  You’ve probably heard this sort of thing before.  But just in case you’re interested, here’s a highly-biased and mean-spirited story from the National Catholic Reporter with commentary by Father Z.  Actually, I think this latest one takes the cake.  A very foul, disgusting cake.  Blech!

I’ve lost count of how many “womenpriests” I’ve heard of since I rejoined the Church.  The trend probably won’t be ending, either, despite the Vatican’s very clear decree that anyone involved in one of these sham ordinations is automatically excommunicated and has no recourse other than to renounce one’s sin.

What does it all mean?! Thinking about the whole thing makes my head hurt.  I can’t make sense of it!  I can’t begin to understand what those women are thinking.  I can’t find a single good reason for what they are doing.

Is it about equality with men?  No. In fact, far from it. You know, male priests go through years of discernment and high-level education, they make big sacrifices, and they bind themselves to the Church by vows of obedience and chastity (and poverty if they belong to religious communities).  I have yet to hear of one “womanpriest” who has gone through any kind of formal discernment and seminary education.  Most of them are already wives, mothers, and often grandmothers who have careers and live comfy lives, so I can’t see what they are sacrificing.  I have yet to hear of one “womanpriest” who doesn’t basically give a big finger to the Holy Father and any other bishop who opposes her sham ordination.

Is it about the laity having a more active role in the Church?  No. Most of the “womenpriests” I’ve read of have already been very active in the Church, in ministries and educational roles.  If they wanted to go even farther, they could always become lay religious.  But again, that demands discernment and formation and promises and being faithful to a legitimate authority.  It demands a willingness to go outside of oneself and make sacrifices when necessary.  There is so much for laypeople to do, so much that the clergy can’t possibly do.  God and our Church and our clergy have great expectations for each and every one of us.  And yet “womenpriests” prefer to hanker after other people’s vocations, rather than put themselves on the line and take on all their actual, genuine responsibilities, along with their fellow laypeople.  Ironically, they seem to look down on us laypeople even more than the clergy supposedly do.

So you see, these women lord themselves over both the clergy and the laity.  They clearly scorn Catholics in general. And yet they insist on everybody regarding them as Catholic priests! It has nothing to do with justice, and everything to do with some kind of power, or perceived power.  It has nothing to do with reality, and everything to do with selfishness and emotivism–a “reality” completely based on these women’s desires, feelings, and opinions.  It has nothing to do with fulfilling God’s will, and everything to do with acting as Satan’s instruments for trying to destroy God’s Church.

It’s insanity and wickedness, pure and simple.  And very much a variety of anti-Catholicism.  So… really, I thank God that I can’t make sense of it.  Dear Lord, I don’t ever want to “make sense” of it!  So, as usual, when faced with such insanity and hostility, I feel that the only thing I can really do is pray.  Lord, have mercy on them and bring them safely back to Your Church and let Thy Will be done!