I had so many plans for this and coming months.  Several conferences and at least one theology class.  Alas, those things cost money, and like many Americans, I’m finding money quite scarce these days.

I’m disappointed, but I’m trying to make the best of it and stay hopeful!  After all, not having much money doesn’t make me poor.  I have much wealth to be grateful for.  And gratitude has a way of making just about anything bearable.

First–this almost goes without saying, but I can’t possibly say it too often:  I have the most wonderful family and friends anybody could wish for!  That includes my religious communities–my local parish and my local Dominican community–and my work community.  It includes all the people who share their wonderful voices and stories, ideas and experiences, teachings and information, all here in this funny thing we call the “Blogosphere.” 

I’m trying to regard these lean times as an opportunity to embrace the spirit of poverty proper to a Lay Dominican.  I’m sure it will be good for me in many ways, and will give me greater solidarity with my Dominican brothers and sisters in every branch of the Order and with the poor of the world.  It makes me realize how very much I do have: like a roof over my head and, by most standards, still more than enough to eat.  Even luxuries like a TV, a computer, a car, books, electricity, and a paying job to make it all possible. 

I’m also thinking of new things with which to occupy myself.  I’ve picked up my old Latin textbooks and have been brushing up my mad Latin skills.  It’s coming along quite fabulously, if I say so myself.  Picking up languages I’ve studied in the past seems to be just like getting back on a bicycle.  I can also pick up a French novel or poem and understand a vast majority of it.  I surprise myself sometimes!  There are always writing projects, too.  I have been truly blessed and privileged with the luxury of education too.

Last but definitely not least, I have a dear friend who is beginning RCIA at the end of this month, and I am officially going to serve as her sponsor!  I’m so excited!  I know that will keep me occupied and be a very big responsibility.  It’s at a different parish than the one I attend, so she and I both will have a chance to meet new people and to learn together.  I know that it will help me to grow in my own faith.  Nobody can ever learn too much about the Catholic faith.  It is an inexhaustible treasury!  Spiritually, I couldn’t be wealthier!

I should know by now that this is really true:  When God closes one door, He opens another!  He is so good… He is hope that never disappoints.