Wonderful news from our pastor this afternoon after Mass: 3 men from our parish are going to begin training for the priesthood this year, 1 man is making his first vows as a Cistercian, and 1 lady is going to join Dominican sisters!  :D

As a parish, we always includes prayers for vocations at every Mass, and I’m sure most people in the parish offer their own prayers… as mentioned yesterday, I offer my own daily prayers and do my third Friday thing.  It’s just so exciting and uplifting to see our prayers coming to fruition!  And it has bolstered my spirit and made me want to pray even harder!

Also, our local priory is getting 4 new novice friars! They are receiving their habits tomorrow morning.  I wish I could attend the ceremony, but I’ll be busy at my parish library.

Please join your prayers to mine for all these wonderful fellow parishioners of mine as they take big steps in discerning their vocations! And for all the men and women around the world who will be doing the same!  We should remember their families too… it must be a huge experience for them as well!

Deo gratias!  God is so very good!  Alleluia!

As for us, let’s pray, pray, pray, pray, PRAY!!!