I watched another wonderful DVD today:  Witness to Hope: the Life of Karol Wojtyla – Pope John Paul II. It is based on the book by George Weigel.

It was a beautiful, moving, and very well-done film.  I learned a lot about the world our late Holy Father came from, and how it shaped him and his work.  I wish I could put myself into God’s hands the way Pope John Paul II did.  He was truly a remarkable man, even when he was still Karol Wojtyla, before he became Pope.

He was Pope from the time I was 2 years old, until I was 28.  But he was never much a part of my life.  I never paid him or the papacy much mind.  He was just some old man in Rome.  He didn’t really affect us or our lives (so I thought).  When he died and his story was everywhere on TV and in the media, I finally began to learn who he was and what he did.  And I was so full of regret!  How could I have been so indifferent and, at times, so hostile?

When Pope Benedict XVI was elected, I started to slip back to my old ways.  I still wasn’t much of a Catholic at the time.  But I have since vowed that I was going to do my best to get to know our Holy Father and follow his activities and ideas.  I haven’t regretted that one bit–I love him so much!  He fills a special place in my heart, sort of a grandfatherly place, since I never got to know either of my biological grandfathers.

I have begun to feel that way for Pope John Paul as well… and really for all the previous popes.  I know that they are still watching over their children from Heaven, along with my biological family and other loved ones who have gone before me.  That makes me very glad!  :)