I recommend that all Catholics who write blogs or express themselves in other Internet fora read this Inside Catholic article by Jennifer of the blog Conversion Diary (formerly “Et Tu?”).  She reminds us that “the world is watching.”  Here is an excerpt:

It’s worth taking a moment to ask ourselves: How well are we representing our faith? For those of us who express our opinions on the Internet, whether it’s through our own sites or comments on other sites, what kind of image do we paint of the Body of Christ through the words we publish on the Internet?

Every single one of our online discussions takes place in an open-air forum with people from all backgrounds all across the world as witnesses. Even the smallest blogs and the most obscure comment threads are at least occasionally read by people who know nothing of Catholicism outside of the discussion. When these people read our words, for better or worse they think, “This is what followers of Christ are like.”

Do go read the whole thing.