Oh my gosh, I just caught this episode of “I Love Lucy” on TV.  At the very end, it shows Lucy on the cover of an issue of “Look” magazine, and off to the side of the cover is a photo of Pope Pius XII!

I’ve probably seen that episode a hundred times and never noticed the pope’s picture, but this time my eyes immediately zoomed in on it!

I guess being Catholic has changed how I look at everything!

Another funny thing that happened a few months ago was that I was reading a book on accounting for not-profit organizations.  Only they called them “not-for-profits,” and abbreviated it as NFP.  I kept thinking I was reading about natural family planning!

Oh, and when somebody talks about “the Sisters of Mercy,” I have to think about whether they are referring to the religious sisters or to the goth band.  It just depends on where I am and who I’m talking with!

My life is pretty amusing sometimes.