Fall semester has just begun, which means lots of traffic on campus.  I mean, lots.  It’s just part of the joy of being at a university, you know?

As I slowly made my way toward the library, I watched a rather lengthy succession of pedestrians very narrowly avert being creamed right in the crosswalks.  I listened as horns blared all over the place, as if it would make all the delays and jams magically disappear.  I saw drivers make aggressive moves on other drivers.

And I thought: it’s no wonder there’s so little respect for the lives of children in the womb, when there is so little respect for the lives of people we see right in front of us.  It’s no wonder there’s so little respect for the bedridden, the infirm, the elderly, the disabled, when there’s so little respect for the healthy and the on-the-move.

I know that impatience is only human–Heaven knows I get impatient sometimes!  But really, it seemed a bit excessive this morning, a little too unrestrained, a little too ubiquitous.  Actually, I found it a bit insane.  And I think that is more of a societal flaw than a personal one.  The moment another human being becomes an inconvenience, even if for 2 seconds, go ahead and get angry, threaten their lives, maybe even end their lives.  It happens plenty.