If you are interested in following this story, and the rather impressive responses of some of our U.S. bishops, I recommend that you start with this post at Fr. Z’s blog.  He also has more recent stuff too, and an exhortation to Catholic bloggers to keep this story alive.  (I realize that most Catholics who read blogs at all have already probably been following Fr. Z’s coverage, but… just in case!)

I am not sure what I have to add to the story… I am stunned by Pelosi’s trying to defend her pro-abortion stance with Catholicism.  In my experience, everybody knows that Catholicism teaches against abortion!  And yet here we have somebody, a woman we would expect to be quite well-educated and experienced, a woman who refers to herself as an “ardent, practicing Catholic,” and she takes it upon herself to speak publicly about Catholic teaching and Catholic theology… and makes a huge fiasco of it, completely misrepresenting what the Catholic Church teaches and what faithful Catholics believe, and potentially misleading and confusing people all over the nation.

Fortunately, the U.S. bishops have been really taking this as an opportunity to speak out loudly and clearly and to reaffirm genuine Catholic teaching. My own Bishop Farrell has given his support to the statement issued by the USCCB.  More bishops will likely be adding their voices.  I hope this experience grants them all greater courage, greater faithfulness, and greater unity.  The nation and the world are watching them.  Catholics everywhere are looking to them to rule decisively and preach the truth!

It will be interesting to see how everything plays out.  I feel that this experience could turn into a positive one for all Catholic Americans.  It could enlighten minds and convert hearts.  It could remind Catholic political leaders from where–and from Whom–their power really derives.  Maybe that sounds idealistic.  But if it helps even a small handful of Catholics in this country to reconsider the Church’s teachings and what place they give their faith in their lives… if it compells them to think more deeply about how they vote in November and in the future… if they pass on the Church’s authentic teachings to others… then great good will have come of it!

This is a very important time for the United States and for our Church in the U.S.  All Catholic Americans need to stand together and be of one mind and one heart. Tom at Disputations has proposed a novena of fasts that starts tomorrow, Friday 29 August, leading up to the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Queen Mother in Heaven, and Patroness of the United States.  Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis!