Just when election-year angst was starting to weigh heavily on me, John McCain announced his new running-mate, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska! I’m just starting to learn about her, but so far, I think she sounds like a breath of fresh air!  Just what I’ve been waiting and hoping for in a national political figure!  What has immediately struck me, of course, is her pro-life stance, which is not just an ideology or a plank in a political platform, but an actual part of her living experience.

Over at American Papist, Thomas Peters has gathered a good bunch of resources.

Father Dwight Longenecker is “so delighted … that it hurts.”

The Archbold brothers at Creative Minority Report incorporate fun graphics into their commentary.

So clearly, I’m not the only Catholic in America who is really excited about Gov. Palin’s VP nomination!  I’m also not the only one who has had my interest in the election totally re-ignited!  Finally, we may have somebody in this race to genuinely identify with and root for!  McCain himself deserves some praise for being willing to look beyond the “usual suspects” for his choice of running-mate.  His choice of Gov. Palin suggests that he is the real candidate for change.

I am really looking forward to seeing more of Gov. Palin and hearing what she has to say.