Hurricane Gustav is strengthening greatly and threatening Louisiana and surrounding states.  It is expected to be a Category 5 by landfall.  I have friends who are staying in New Orleans–please help me pray for their safety!

I fear what will happen if New Orleans takes a direct hit from this storm.  It’s just over three years since Hurricane Katrina hit the city. Galveston could be in danger too.  Two of my most important and beloved cities.

I take a little comfort thinking about the basilicas that stand over them: mighty St. Louis in New Orleans, and lovely St. Mary’s in Galveston.  The latter survived the monstrous 1900 hurricane, and has since been specially devoted to Mary under the title of Stella Maris–Star of the Sea.  She watches over the island from one of the basilica’s towers.

We also have a Patron Saint Against Storms in my dear Father Thomas Aquinas.  May we have his intercession too!