I mentioned a while back the missal my dad gave me.  I thought I’d post some pics!  I don’t own a scanner; these were taken with my camera. Click to see larger versions.

As you can see by the creases, this dear little book has been around for a while!  It is still in pretty good shape, overall, though.

If you want to see a really good image of the left-hand page with the diagram, you can find one here.  It is well worth taking a look at, as it illustrates how we relate to God during the Mass.  It’s a reminder that the Mass is not all about us.  It’s not just the priest and the congregation, but it’s us and God and all of Heaven!

The beginning of the Last Gospel, a part of the Mass not included in the current ordinary rite.

This next one is not part of the missal, but is a card I found laid in:

On the back it says:  “Remembrance of investiture as domestic prelate to His Holiness Pope Pius XII of Right Reverend Monsignor John Christopher Marsh by His Excellency The Most Reverend Charles P. Greco, D.D., May 29th, 1947, ordained to the Holy Priesthood December 21st, 1924.  PRAY FOR ME.”

I found a little information about Msgr. Marsh online.  He worked in Northern Louisiana, first at Bastrop, then Mansfield, and later at Monroe.  May God rest his soul.