Somebody named “Anonymous” and with a fake email address completely disregarded my policy for posting comments and fired off the following:

It’s religious, pro-life people like you I wish were aborted in the womb.

Aaw… isn’t that sweet?  Too bad it doesn’t make a scrap of difference.  Sorry, Anonymous, I’m not changing or repressing my religious and pro-life stances just because they get on your fragile nerves. 

I’m also not changing my policy on comments at this blog.  This is the first and the last senselessly nasty comment that will be published here.  Not because it’s really any skin off my back, but because this blog is exclusively for civilized discourse.  Thank you, dear Anonymous, for giving me the opportunity to post that reminder. 

And congratulations on getting to be the example I make for all the other potential nasty commentors out there.  Here’s some friendly advice: your lack of charity and civility only makes you look stupid, not me.

Thank you above all for giving me something to offer up for the strengthening of my convictions and the glory of my Lord.  You’ve earned yourself a special mention on my prayer list!