Whew, I’m just now unwinding from what has been a very eventful day!

The Theology of the Body conference was wonderful!  Very thought-provoking–I definitely need to study up on ToB.  I’d heard it lovingly called “JP2’s Sexual Revolution,” but I wasn’t aware of just how revolutionary it is.  Lots and lots to digest!  As always, it was enjoyable and very energizing to be in all-Catholic company.  I got to meet people from all over DFW.

If you need somebody to do a talk about ToB, I recommend the good folks of TOBET.  They’re knowledgable, and fun too!

I spent most of the day at the conference, and then hurried to my parish for the Vigil Mass.  The neighborhood was incredibly jam-packed, and that’s when I remembered: the parish carnival is this weekend!  Thankfully, I had plenty of time to find a parking space and walk 3 blocks to the church.  Can’t complain.

After Mass, I decided on a complete whim to get a haircut (my haircuts nearly always result from complete whims).  It’s now roughly chin-length, and in sort of a bob style.  I think it suits me.

And now, though my normal bedtime is rather later, I am so tired I am going to turn in early!  I have to be up somewhat early again in the morning to go staff the church library.  There’s a parish social with coffee and donuts, which means two things: lots of very sugared-up children, and lots of parents too busy socializing to supervise said children.  Add those two together and you get some pandemonium in the church library.

So.  I’m gonna need my rest!  ;)