…I did need my rest last night!  Although it seems that the parish social wasn’t quite as busy, or as rowdy, as usual.  Maybe the carnival tired everybody out!

I had a formation meeting with my Lay Dominican group.  We talked about the importance of community (one of the four pillars of Dominican life).  I think that is the pillar I think about least… and yet I sure do miss it when I’ve been away for a while!  The Dominican community is more than just a group of fellow Dominicans.  It is a true family bond that spans time and space and eternity.  It is such a blessing, especially for a single person who lives alone.

This afternoon, I’ve been taking an online defensive driving class.  I sorta got pulled over and was given a ticket last month.  It was my first time getting stopped by the police–it was pretty mortifying.  And cost a small fortune.  But at least I can keep it off my record.  A driving class certainly can’t hurt!

I’ll try to come up with some more interesting posts soon!  :)