I started it with Mass at my parish, then headed west to meet my friend, Steph.  We had a nice Tex-Mex lunch, then went to the Kimbell Art Museum to take in the Impressionists exhibition.  The Impressionists have been life-long and highly sentimental favorites of mine.  To see so many originals all in one place was like an art-lover’s paradise!

I was familiar with nearly all the works, but seeing them in person was truly dazzling.  It gives you a much better look at the brushwork, which is pretty important for appreciating Impressionism.  But the thing I really love most about the Impressionists is the fact that they painted very ordinary, everyday people and places.  Their works provide a glimpse into everyday life in a different time and place.

After that, we walked across the street to The Modern.  Not to look at art, but to grab some coffee and dessert in the café there.  I don’t know how they make their coffee, but Steph wasn’t kidding when she said it was the best cup of coffee she’d ever had.  I agree completely!  I normally find coffee a bit rancid and unbearably bitter, and in order to make it drinkable, I have to add lots of cream and sugar–I mean LOTS.  Today, I just ordered it with some frothy cream on top, and didn’t have to add a single packet of sugar!  It was perfect, so smooth and delicate!  I was amazed!  And I had this rich, dark chocolate torte, which, of course, went perfectly with the unsweetened coffee!

We walked around the Modern and around the Kimbell, taking some photos (I’ll try to post some soon).  Then we went back to Steph’s apartment to collect her mini-schnauzers, Basil and Saffie, and we all headed to the dog park.  It was a trip, watching the dogs run around and interact with other dogs!  And it was a most beautiful evening, with a very refreshing breeze.  It was so nice to just spend time outside.  I don’t remember the last time I did that!

We hung out around the apartment for a while, looking at fashion Web sites and stuff.  Then we ordered a pizza and watched some TV.  I tried my hand at some Katamari Damashi.  I knew of it, but had never played it.  I didn’t do so well, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching Steph’s boyfriend play!  That game, and its soundtrack are going to haunt me… now I understand what another friend of mine meant when she called it “video game crack.”  We watched some “Star Wars: Clone Wars” on the Cartoon Network.  Then I headed home.

For once, I feel ready to start a new week!

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