My Dominican brothers across the Pond have some wonderful news, including:

3 ordinations to the priesthood (posts here and here) + 1 more ordination coming up on 23 October!

2 solemn professions, 2 new novices, and 3 simple professions (post here)

These posts contain lots of beautiful photos too.  Here are just a couple of examples:

New priest receives a chalice and ciboriumNovices prostrated during simple profession ceremony

While you’re there at Godzdogz, I recommend browsing their “A-Z of Paul” posts.  They highlight and briefly comment upon some of the main themes of St. Paul’s epistles.  It’s a nice resource!

And, for the record, I still think “Godzdogz” is the awesomest name ever for a Dominican blog… and maybe the awesomest name possible for a Dominican blog!  :D