Bishop Arthur Serratelli of Paterson, NJ has issued a very strong and compelling statement about the dangers of FOCA.  It’s really well done–please go read it.

Father Z comments on it.

I’ve been writing my congresspeople.  My senators both seem like they would definitely oppose it.  One seems to be staunchly pro-life, and the other at least favors restrictions on abortion.  So, with them, I followed my request with plenty of gratitude and encouragement and expressions of confidence.

My local representative, on the other hand… seems to be pretty much as pro-abortion as Obama.  For that letter, I focused on how good existing abortion restrictions have been in protecting women and children, and how such restrictions co-exist with Roe v. Wade, and how important it is to protect states’ rights to enact such restrictions as they see fit.  In other words, I tried to avoid triggering the “DANGER!!! DANGER!!! ANTI-CHOICE CONSTITUENT!!! THIS LETTER WILL AUTOMATICALLY SELF-DESTRUCT!!!” alarm.

For the most part, though, it’s prayer, prayer, prayer… penance, penance, penance.

I’m off to say my Rosary now.