AsiaNews is a wonderful resource for keeping up with all the news from Asia, including the plight of Christians.  Unfortunately, there is no end in sight for the persecutions. Here are some of the most recent headlines.

In India:

Sangh Parivar wants to remove every Christian trace in Orissa
by Nirmala Carvalho
Christians are not allowed to pray even in government-run refugee camps. The ground on which homes and churches once stood are taken over and “cleansed” of every trace of violence. Hindus tell raped nun to marry her rapist. The hue and cry is still on for Christians.

In Pakistan:

A Christian man and his daughter arrested, almost lynched for blasphemy
by Qaiser Felix
Rumours spread in a village near Faisalabad that a Christian girl ripped some pages from the Qur’an. But more than one version of the facts is making the rounds of the village. Anti-Christian intolerance is growing in the country and a Pakistani lawmaker says the “accusations are a fabrication” to persecute Christians.

In Vietnam:

Authorities in Hue trying to seize land where a small country church stands
by J.B. An Dang
What is happening in Hanoi is spreading. A campaign of intimidation and harassment is underway elsewhere in the country to seize land whose owner passed away but where he had allowed the construction of a small church.

Fortunately, despite the very dire and perilous circumstances, the Christian communities are remaining strong in some very important ways:

Discrimination and hostility making Vietnamese Catholics more united
by Thanh Thuy
Surveillance of the religious, cultural, and social activities of the faithful continues: members of the communist youth movement are recording classes for the police. The Politburo praises the government media for their campaign of defamation, but the national news agency praises the humanitarian activities of the faithful. Meanwhile, the number of young people who want to learn more about the Church’s social doctrine is rising.

Church burned in Bangalore. Christians of Orissa comforted by pope’s prayers
by Nirmala Carvalho
The canonization of the first Indian saint is not stopping the violence, but is strengthening the Christians in their suffering and hope. The words of the bishop of Bhubaneshwar and Sr. Karuna, of the Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit