I have found so many excellent blogs, and I do try to read each of them fairly regularly.  I thought I would share some of my favorite posts that I’ve come across lately.  Enjoy!

—  Father V at Adam’s Ale thinks about the death penalty in The End. Lest anyone accuse Catholics of not caring about that issue.

—  Julie at Happy Catholic examines Christians, Slavery, and Abortion.  She has a nice little collection of writings on abortion and slavery, the comparison between them, and the role of Christians in combating them.

—  Alan at Ad Altare Dei has a post about Melissa Ohden, Abortion Survivor.  It includes a video of a speech she delivered at Catholic University of America.  Such testimony is so powerful… it really gives a face to abortion.

—  Jeff at the St. Peter Canisius Apostolate has excellent advice for What to do about Spiritual Sloth.

—  HallowedGround is always a treasure trove of Catholic patrimony.  Ken’s latest, The Devil has no Knees, features the practice of kneeling to receive Communion: a practice still in force at my home parish, I’m grateful  to say.  God Makes Wonderful Things, however, is something a bit different, and extremely fascinating!