Well, not really, but I am going to try to create my own little retreat.  I need peace right now.  I’ve been so stressed out, I feel like I’m in knots.  Here’s what I’ve got planned so far:

* Take a break from the news, especially where politics is concerned.  This political season is crazy, and I just need a break.  I’m going to go cast my vote early, and then try to chill out (but keep on praying and fasting, of course).

* Go to sleep earlier, and get up earlier.  Take advantage of the natural serenity of dawn to pray and get charged up, rather than just rush off to work.  Try to get to morning Mass every day.

* Cut down TV and Internet–and no “multi-tasking” with both at the same time!

* Do some completely silent things: reading, working on the rug I’m making for Mom.

* Get back to the gym!

My birthday is a week from Saturday (All Saints Day!), and I want to go gracefully into a new year!  Wish me luck!