I’m surprised by how much better I feel after only one day of my little retreat!

I feel like I’ve had a nice, full, yet peaceful day!  I didn’t even get surly when I had to sit in a long meeting immediately after arriving at work!  (Given that meetings tend to suck the life and joy right out of me, that says a lot!)  Most impressive was that I was able to climb 4 stories of stairs without losing my breath!  I think that was a first!  I had to take my exercise indoors because of the rain.  The stairs usually wear me out; sometimes I have to stop at the third floor.  But not today!

It hasn’t been all easy.  I didn’t get that much sleep last night.  I got up before sunrise.  It was difficult for me to wake up, but I just sat for a while, then did Morning Prayer.  By the time I was finished with that, I felt pretty good!  It’s never easy for me to get up early, but once I do, I enjoy the morning very much.  As I said in my last post, there’s is just such a deep, lovely serenity to the early morning!

Much harder than getting up early was avoiding the election and, generally, all the news.  I didn’t realize how addicted I had gotten!  Of course, it’s extremely difficult to avoid to begin with–it’s on the TV, the radio, the Web–everywhere!  You really have to work at not getting drawn into it.  It’s a maelstrom!  But I did manage pretty well.

I just can’t take any more election business.  It’s been such a distress.

The evening has been just as peaceful as the morn.  Prayed Evening Prayer and the Rosary.  Watched a little TV while eating.  Did a little reading on the blogosphere.  Here are a couple of good finds from some of my Dominican brothers:

The good chaps at Godzdogz have been sharing their thoughts and reflections on what the Rosary means to them.  They’re very lovely and touching!

Father Philip Powell of Hanc Aquam reminds us that the Church is not Wal-Mart.  If we’re honest, even the best of us occasionally needs that reminder.

Must get to bed!