I just love this time of year, from Halloween to All Souls Day.  I always find them to be such quiet and peaceful days.  Days of remembrance, days for sort of “reconnecting” with our loved ones who have gone before us.

Mind you, I have nothing against costumes and candy and the more festive activities associated with Halloween; if I’d been less under the weather, and more in the money, I probably would have gone out to a Halloween party myself.  Such things can give one a healthy joy and respect for being alive, in this very short amount of time we are each given on Earth, such a tiny droplet in the sea of eternity!  We all live earthly lives before going on to the next.  And in the not-so-distant future, people on Earth will be including our souls in their remembrances.  Some of us might even be canonized one day!

On All Souls Day, I pay special remembrance to the souls in Purgatory.  I pray for them and offer indulgences for them, that they may be delivered from suffering once and for all and enter Heaven at last.  I especially like to offer prayers and indulgences for the souls who perhaps have nobody to remember them and pray for them.  Perhaps they have no loved ones on Earth… or perhaps their loved ones on Earth do not believe in Purgatory or in praying for the dead… I think even some Catholics these days have fallen away from these beliefs.  It’s unfortunate–what about the souls who need their prayers?  I always try to “pick up the slack” in that regard, just to be sure.  If there’s even a tiny chance that my prayers can give a tiny bit of relief to a soul, then I am compelled to do whatever I can.

I know I should be terribly grateful to have my soul prayed for if I were in Purgatory!  I think that when I write my will, I might put in a clause asking any surviving loved ones to pray for me, have Masses offered, obtain indulgences… the works!

Along these lines, Father Longenecker has a lovely All Souls Story at his blog.