It sure has been a crazy week.  I’m exhausted!

I do want to recommend a couple of excellent items I found over at Father Z’s place:

Bp. Finn on the eve of the election: “Woe to those…”

John Allen’s open letter to Pres.-Elect Obama

Both are very much worth reading.

Boy, that Bishop Finn… he just hasn’t been letting up!  God bless him for it! We need men like him–real men, real fathers, real shepherds, real generals in the spiritual war.  Only they will be able get Catholic Americans through the tough times that likely lay ahead.  Here at home, I am hoping to hear more from our two Bishop Kevins, either singly or jointly.  I’m confident they’ll see us through, despite the massive throngs of furious protesters (not!).

I’m really interested to see how things play out with the supposedly pro-life Catholic supporters of Obama.  They’ve protested their pro-life Catholic-ness all the way, despite acting contrary to the teachings of the bishops.  Are they now going to join in the good fight, side by side with their fellow Catholics, even if it means squarely opposing their candidate?  Are they going to conveniently ditch the pro-life Catholic label now that they’ve got their man in office, and be indifferent to the confusion, scandal, and deep wounds they’ve wrought in the Church?  Basically–are they going to come out for us or against us? I think it’s beyond time for them to unequivocally choose a side.  No more contriving to be both with us and against us at the same time!  And we will need the bishops to hold them to it, one way or the other.

Interesting times ahead, I’m sure!

I’m off to slumber now.