I just learned about a couple of neat things I thought I’d share:

First: RealCatholic TV is a recently-formed internet TV station that produces some excellent Catholic news, commentary, and cultural programs.  There’s also a “Shepherd’s Voice” program featuring messages from bishops, such as Archbishop Chaput.  I’ve found the programs very informative and well-done.  Here is their “about us” statement:

RealCatholic TV was formed in early 2008 by lay Catholics faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church with extensive experience in commercial broadcast television. RealCatholic TV aims to provide everyone with means to increase their personal holiness through catechesis and evangelization about the truth of the Christian faith. We aim to convert non-Catholics to the faith founded personally by Jesus Christ, and strengthen the faith of existing Catholics.

Their primary aims include personal holiness and conversion… you know I love that!  I highly recommend that everybody check them out (if you haven’t already)!  Registration is required, but it is free, unless you opt to subscribe to premium access for $10/month.  Premium access provides access to lots of additional programming that looks really good.

Second: The Church year is coming to a close, and Advent begins in just a couple of weeks!  If you’re looking for an Advent wreath or candles, an Advent calendar for your young (or young-at-heart) loved ones, or some beautiful Catholic Christmas cards and gifts, check out Aquinas and More’s Advent and Christmas specialty store! Personally, I love Advent calendars, and have always wanted one of the ones that has chocolates in the windows!  Talk about a great way to count the days to Christmas!  (Not that that’s completely what Advent is all about, but still!)

Remember Aquinas and More’s Good Faith Guarantee:

Customers will always be assured that the products and programs we sell and promote will be faithfully Catholic with the goal of strengthening the Faith and clearly explaining it to those with questions.

Customers will always be kept informed of changes to their orders.

If an item carrying our Good Faith Guarantee is found to not be in conformity with Catholic teaching, the company will pay to have the item returned and give the customer a gift for pointing out the problem.

Please consider supporting these and other faithful, orthodox Catholic enterprises, media, and organizations.  If we want to help revitalize and sustain Catholic culture in our society, we need to support our fellow Catholics who have the vision and make the effort to serve our needs.  They give us a choice in the marketplace–a good choice–and we should appreciate it.