I posted here about Cardinal Stafford’s speech in which he had allegedly called Obama “aggressive, disruptive, and apocalyptic.”  I knew that the article wasn’t telling it straight, and I suspected that the audio clip of the speech was not telling the whole truth either.  No suprise: my suspicion was correct!

Thanks to the good folks at LifeSite News, we now have a full text version of the speech, complete with references.  This is the full version; the actual delivered version was “substantially as it appears here although in a somewhat abbreviated form from written notes and typed materials.”

Turns out that in some of the parts most highlighted in the media, and hence by me, Cardinal Stafford was actually quoting others. For example, the famous “aggressive, disruptive, and apocalyptic” phrase first appears here (emphases mine):

Our own cultural ambience is not dissimilar from the period of the 1920’s when European intellectuals were moving ahead with an understanding of something “new”. Graham Ward’s description of that period highlights elements which characterize the vision of today’s President – elect, the Vice-President – elect, and the legislators elected to assist them in implementing their vision. Graham wrote, “Briefly modernism’s programme was to ‘make it new’. It courted the unconventional and nonconformist in a conscious effort to overthrow the traditional perspective and stock expectations. Its dynamism was aggressive, disruptive and even apocalyptic. Hostility to the………War fed its anger against the status quo and its desire for a creativity that would be transcultural, transclass and transfrontier.”

He later refers back to Graham Ward’s phrase, saying:  “The content and rhetoric of Obama and Biden have elements similar to those described earlier: aggressive, disruptive and apocalyptic.”

And this section of the speech (the latter part of which I couldn’t clearly make out from the audio)…

“But under all that grace and charm there was a tautness of will, a clenched jaw, a state of constant alertness to detect and resist any external influence which might threaten his independence. A state of alertness? That is putting it mildly: beneath each word he wrote, he was carrying on sapping operations against the enemy city where a daily fight was going on.”

…is actually a quotation of François Mauriac writing about André Gide!  It’s not actually Cardinal Stafford’s direct personal take on Obama, although he does draw parallels.

I haven’t yet read through the entire speech (I’m just not up to it here on a Friday night).  I just wanted to publicize the full text of the speech, and also thought I would shed some light on the sections of the speech that I had read, heard, and commented on myself previously.