This glorious Feast of Christ the King couldn’t have come soon enough.  This month has been tumultuous because of the elections.  It’s been really easy to get caught up in civil and temporal affairs, to become troubled and anxious.

Today reminds us that we have a King higher than any civil leader, a King who has been victorious over death and every evil and harm, a King who loves each and every one of us as His very own family.  A King who reigns forever.

Here is a lovely and uplifting Christ the King Day hymn:

To Jesus Christ, our sovereign King,
Who is the world’s Salvation,
All praise and homage do we bring
and thanks and adoration.

Christ Jesus, Victor!
Christ Jesus, Ruler!
Christ Jesus, Lord and Redeemer!

Your reign extend, O King benign,
To every land and nation,
For in Your kingdom, Lord divine,
Alone we find salvation.


To You and to Your Church, great King,
We pledge our hearts’ oblation,
Until before Your throne we sing
in endless jubilation.


(Words by Msgr. Martin B. Hellriegel)

No matter what may happen in the world or in our lives, we can always rest with ease beneath the compassionate gaze of our King.