I hope everybody had an excellent Thanksgiving!  I had a wonderful stay with my parents… got to see some snow… was very spoiled… and have returned well-rested and very well-fed!  My parents are doing well, and we still appreciate everybody’s prayers!

Advent at St. Mary of the Assumption Church, Northampton, Mass., by Flickr user pcorreiaWe are almost through the first week of Advent–hard to believe!  I went to Confession this evening to get me off to a good start, to focus my eyes on the eastern horizon, to fortify me for the wait in the wintry darkness before the breaking of the  divine dawn from on high.

It can be a real challenge to hold this sacred vigil amid all the hustle and bustle and commercialism and secularization of this holy season.  I do enjoy choosing gifts for loved ones and writing Christmas cards.  But it is very important not to just rush through or overlook Advent.

Advent is one of those mysteries of eternity we find throughout our Church year; it is a season in which past, present, and future converge.   In Advent, we look to the past–to the Incarnation of Lord Jesus.  We also look to the future–to the Lord’s second coming.  And we examine the present: what do these comings of the Lord mean to me, and how am I living my life in light of them?

Tomorrow is First Friday–I’ll be joining other Catholic bloggers in praying and fasting for an end to abortion.  It also gives me a chance to spend time with my Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.  Being in His presence still makes me feel like I’m made of jello.

Saturday, I’ll start writing Christmas cards.  If anybody would like one, please send me your name and address!  :)

May this Advent be a holy, peaceful, fruitful time for you and bring you closer to our Lord Jesus!

(photo by Flickr user pcorreia)