Fr. Paul Hinnebusch, OPI’ve been meaning for a while to feature this site, Suscipe Fiat, which is maintained right here in Texas and is a wonderful collection of Fr. Paul Hinnebusch, OP’s homilies, articles, and other teachings–such as conferences given to our local sisters from Mother Teresa’s order, and retreats for priests.  I never got to know Fr. Hinnebusch, who went to his rest in 2002, but I hear about him often in my local Dominican community, and I feel very blessed that his works are being preserved on the Web!   He was a very fine preacher, scholar, and man for others, serving as a chaplain and spiritual director to many communities and individuals, including the University of Dallas, the local Lay Dominican community, Mother Teresa’s sisters, and the local Catholic charismatic community.

You can search the documents by date or by topic, and there is also a terrific liturgical calendar feature in the process of being set up where you can go through the calendar and find homilies that Father gave on each day.  So, for example, today, 6 December, you can read Father’s lovely little homily dedicated to St. Nicholas, originally given some time in the 1960’s.  Some homilies and talks are available as audio files, as well.  I just clicked over to 2 August and listened to Father’s wonderful homily about Bl. Jane d’Aza, St. Dominic’s mother.

Please go check it out and get to know Fr. Hinnebusch!  His biography alone is quite a good read!  I especially enjoyed reading about the Hinnebusch family… Father’s parents had 10 children, and 7 of them became Dominicans!  4 priests and 3 sisters!  WOW.  That’s the kind of family I’d love to have someday!  :D

Here’s a 1947 photograph of the 7 Dominican Hinnebusch siblings, found at a page about Fr. John Frederick Hinnebusch, OP, who is the youngest of the 10 siblings:

7 Dominican Hinnebusch siblings, 1947

Friars L to R:  Fr. John Frederick, Fr. William, Fr. Paul, and Fr. Albert

Sisters L to R:  Sr. Regina Ann, Sr. Claire, and Sr. Dorothy