Exciting news for us here in and around Big D!

Mark Shea will be at St. Anthony’s in Wylie on January 24.

Festivities commence at 9:45 with 101 Reasons NOT to be Catholic.

Continuing at 10:45 with This is My Body: An Evangelical Discovers the Real Presence.

Lunch (hotdogs…nothin’ too fancy) at 11:30.

The final talk is at 11:45 – Making Senses Out of Scripture: Reading the Bible as the First Christians Did.

More info to come soon!

m so excited!  I’m especially excited that Mr. Shea is appearing at my childhood parish!  It will be nice to go back there, even though it’s grown considerably since I grew up there.   This is the St. Anthony’s Church we attended:

Old St. Anthony's Church

This is St. Anthony’s Church now:

New St. Anthony's Church

It’s huge, and quite different, physically.  I have attended Mass at the new church a few times in the past.  A very different kind of space, but it still felt like home, and it will indeed always be a spiritual home to me.

I am thankful that the little white church I remember has been lovingly preserved, along with the St. Anthony statue.  At my first Communion, I came up to about St. Anthony’s waist… and now I’m taller than him!   That’s always such a strange experience.

ANYWAY… Pardon my waxing nostalgic… I am very much looking forward to visiting my old parish and hearing Mark Shea in person!  It will be such a great day!  :D  If you’re in the Metroplex, come on out!