I learned from Julie about the murder of a mother and 2 young children who belong to our parish.

I don’t think I ever met them, but my heart is still broken.  I consider everybody in my parish, everybody in my Church, to be part of my family.   Part of the same Body I am part of.  I can’t help but feel the loss.  I think of the victims’ family, especially the husband and father of the victims… I can’t even imagine what he is going through, having lost all of his closest loved ones in one hellish day.  And then, I see the unspeakable pain and sorrow of people like Julie who did know the victims, and I feel for them as well.

May God give those three innocent souls peaceful rest and let His perpetual light shine upon them.  May God bless and be with all who are carrying this loss which seems so very senseless.

Amid all of this, Julie speaks of the need to forgive and pray for the perpetrator(s) of this horribly evil crime.  She has also posted an excellent reflection on evil and spiritual warfare, written in the wake of this tragedy by Mark Windsor.

Dear friends and visitors, please join me in offering prayers for the lady and her children, for their grieving loved ones, and for whoever committed the murders.